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Plant Communication System / Public Address System

Introduction :


PLANT COMMUNICATION SYSTEM (PCS) Is IP-Communication Server based "Public Address System with Talk Back Facility" for two-way communication IN FULL DUPLEX. The system is suitable and is certified for use in both hazardous areas and safe areas (i.e. non-hazardous areas) of the Plant facility. IP communication server is pure IP based system, with Hybrid capability to TDM enable digital and analog stations. It supports Analog Terminals, Digital Terminals and VOIP terminals. It also supports Analog Trunk, Digital Trunk and VOIP trunk.

The system is mainly used in industrial plants & facilities for the following inter-plant communication functions.


Key Functions :

  • For communication between plant’s Central Control Room (CCR) & the Field Operators
  • For communication between different Field Operators, working in different areas within the plant
  • For PA-GA (public address & general alarm) function. This provides Automatic broadcasting of “stored safety voice messages / alarm tones” over public address system during emergency situations
  • For communication between individual plants, in case of multiple & separate plant environment
  • For communication between Public Address system and EPABX / Telephone system
  • For communication between Mobile telephone users with Public Address System And many more….


The system is suitable and is certified for use in both hazardous areas and safe areas (i.e. non-hazardous areas) of the Plant facility. The Field Handset Stations and Field Loudspeakers are available in (1) Indoor Types, for indoor room areas, (2) Weatherproof types, for outdoor safe & non-hazardous areas and (3) Flameproof / Explosion proof types, for outdoor hazardous areas of the plant.

Operation of the system is very simple and the connectivity between the users is immediate. The calling person first makes the announcements over the loudspeakers of the system. On hearing the announcement, the called person – using the field handset station - communicates back to the calling person.

The calling person (either control room operator or the field operator) selects the desired plant area / zone from his unit, makes paging announcement for the required person and remains system connected. The announced message immediately gets heard over the loudspeakers of that selected area/zone. On hearing this announced message, the called person goes to any of his nearest field station - lifts the handset - dials access code and gets automatically connected to the calling individual. The two way communications in private mode is established between these two users.

Key Features :

  • IP communication server based PA system.
  • Paging + Alarm Broadcasting Facility
  • Master – Slave configuration
  • Direct connectivity between the central control room operator and the field operators and vice versa
  • Direct connectivity between the field operators
  • Connectivity between the field operators ONLY through Control Room
  • Zone wise announcement facility , Group wise announcement facility
  • Unique “Paging Meet – Me access” feature
  • Digital display facility on Master Control Station that displays field caller’s identity
  • Multiple call handling facility
  • System Monitoring facility to prevent misuse of the system
  • Restriction of Unauthorized Access to system features for undesired
  • Hotlines between the users
  • Open system architecture for easy integration of PA system with other systems
  • Interlinking - Networking of PA systems.
  • IP to IP connectivity of different PA systems
  • IP to IP connectivity of PA system with Telephone System
  • No use and No requirement of AC Mains supply in the field.

Key Advantages :

  • IP communication sever based State of the art technology
  • Software programmable
  • Very Cost effective design and hardware
  • Modular architecture based
  • Centralized monitoring of the system operation
  • Simple, Reliable and Most economical field cabling
  • Reduced and easy maintenance
  • High flexibility and Easy adaptability
  • 100% non-blocking communication facility to all the users